Minister – the greatest job!


Every person can decide, how much impact he/she has on others. Some people draw a circle around themselves. Inside this circle are only children and a spouse. Other people draw a slightly bigger circle, including other relatives. Great people draw big circles. The larger the circle, the more people can be influenced.’Quote from the movie ’10 000 BC’

I was a little bit stressed and ‘down hearted’ after I saw the news on TV a few days ago. A series of bad news, with sorrow impact on the people. Crime, orphanages, stopped financing from EU because of corruption, increase on prices…Sooner or later everyone would loose spirit. So I took a decission to stop watching news on TV. I will wait the mantality of the news editors to change, so that good news also can be covered. At least to portray a more balanced look on Bulgaria. I am not a person, who will close myself form the world. In using Internet media, at least you can decide what to watch & inform yourself.

So, I continued to thinking:Who is responsible for the financial stability of a country? Who distributes money to the poor and needy? Who is voted by the nation to look after the interests of the ordinary peole? The answer: Polititians ruling the country.

These people have the unique chance to influence a great number of people. Unfortunately many polititians decide to benefit primeraly themselves. This way they draw only a small circle. OK, they might include a relative from the countryside or a secretary for a luxory car. But this is it- the system has to work for their own good. People with potential of becoming great, turn into common greedy criminals. For the rest of their lives, they live on the edge of being caught.

Ahhh, polititians do this, do that… I am asking myself: who is responsible for everyday situations? For cleaning the yard in front of our homes? Who bribes policemen on the street? Who sends children to orphanages or simply doesn’t care for the moral of the next generation? It is not the polititians. It is common people, like you and me. You can determine how much impact you have on other people. You can decide what kind of influence it is? Wether this influence is positive, bringing fruits for the future…

Wether one day after you’re gone, people will speak fondly about you.It is up to you to decide…



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