The last day of my life!

If I know that end of my life is near, what would I do?

During the short time on Earth, how would I choose my priorities?

For starters I would spend time with my family. They are the people, who know me best, who support me no matter what happens! Then I would also surprise or give a present to a stranger… To make one’s day brighter, without knowing the person is a liberating experience. On my last day on Earth, I would go in the mountain. When I am in the nature, I feel calm and rested in the presence of God’s creation. Well, I hope to live a long life. I hope people would remember me for good reasons. These are the thoughts in my mind after watching the movie ‘ Stranger than fiction ‘ (2006)


This film was a pleasant surprice. Especially after I thought Will Farel is just a mediocre comedian. But the script is extraordinary and unexpected : The main character is a tax collector, living an ordinary and punctual life. Doesn’t spend time having fun, does’t spend time dreaming for the future, calculates only 4 minutes for a coffee break!?!One day he starts hearing a woman’s narrator voice, describing his actions as they happen. This voice even predicts his death!Outstanding crew makes the film an unusual visual experience. Provokes you also to think about the joy of living, taking risks and not settling with a mediocre life.Am I wasting my time with things that are useless? What will be the outcome of my life? Will I leave a permanent mark in people’s minds? Questions worth asking myself …

How about you? What wuld you do, if your life is limited within a day or two?


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