Easter – the resurrection of Jesus Christ

We are having a few days of, because of the Easter holdays.

For me and my family this holiday means a lot.

We are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thanks to this act, every person can have eternal life in heaven. All that is needed is to repent from the wrong things in life and believe that Jesus is Lord, part of the Holy Trinity.

14 years ago my mother received a tract from a student of her’s. This brochure was describing the basic christian statements and at the end there was a prayer. My mother prayed so that God would be present in her life. During the same night my mother had a vision. A painting of Jesus we had on the wall, started glowing with light. When she touched the painting, she felt warmth and peasfulness. Out of the painting came out the hand of Jesus, inviting towards himself.

I have been raised to respect the spiritual things. That is why when me and my brother heard the story, whe knew it wasn’t a fiction or an exageration. Since then our family is trying to live a life accoring the Bible principles.

Christianity is not a dead religion with rules and only historical background. Jesus Christ lives in every believer. And Jesus is the only way to heaven.

No other alternative, god or religion.

Christ himself stated that in the gospel of John, chapeter 14: verse 6

‘ I am the the way, the truth and the life; noone can come before the Father, except through me:’

This is the essence of Easter.

It is not so important to have all the necessary groceries on the table.

Neither is so important to arrange the Easter rabbit with the eggs.

Everything fades away when comapred with the faith in the risen Lord.


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